Carlisa Lee, the rapstress better known to the world by her alias of 40 B.A.R.R.S, is an aspiring musician and
battle rap artist representing the streets of Mattapan, one of the many towns within Boston's inner city. The "B.A.R.R.S" in "40 B.A.R.R.S" is an acronym for "Bitches Always Respect Real Shit", a slogan which appropriately acknowledges her authenticity both as a person, and as an artist in a day and age where realness is becoming a dying aspect of hip hop. 40 is the oldest of 3 children, and spent a brief time of her childhood in San Diego, California, before returning to Boston permanently in 1998. She went to Hyde Park high school, and attended college at Roxbury Commnity College where she pursued a degree in criminal justice with a goal of becoming a civil rights attorney. She has an overwhelming desire to uplift her community whenever and however possible, and hopes to assist and help underprivileged minorities against a justice system she sees as  being often unreliable, flawed and even corrupted.

    Musically, 40 has a very eclectic taste as far as her personal playlist, which includes the likes of artists
such as Eminem, Linkin Park, Nickelback . Her personal taste in music has defiinitely influenced how she
approaches her own music, and she has made it a point not to box herself into a specific genre, in order to appeal to a larger, more diverse audience. Her project, entitled "M.E.", and it's lead single entitled, "Hating You", produced by International Show, are currently in the final stages of mixing and mastering and are on track to be released Fall 2013.

    40 recently became involved in today's world of professional battle rap, which is an edgier version of the displays we've all come to know and love from movies like 8 Mile. 40 remains the only Boston representative
in the world's largest and most respected female battle league known as Queen of the Ring. She has seen an amazing amount of success thus far in her short battle career, with all 5 of her battles accumulating a combined total of over 1 million views within 18 months. She has clearly made her name as one of the most skilled lyricists of any gender in battle rap today, and continues to set the bar higher for all emcees of the culture.

    40's main goal in her career is to make a difference in the lives of the youth in her city, and all over the world, through her music and through community work. She has helped organize positive events locally within the city such as annual basketball games, easter egg hunts and fundraisers in order to increase the peace and calm the violence within Boston, which has recently began to spiral out of control in the wake of the Boston Marathon attacks in April 2013. Hopefully, with 40 representing the city in such a positive light, she will be able to use her notoriety to make a difference within the city and make it a safer place for the citizens of Boston to live, and raise their children.

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40 B.A.R.R.S. "My Time"